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Rebranding of OCS Srl into HYDRECO Srl:

a stronger synergy about motion solutions for mobile applications

New hose burst valve with unprecedented features!

Industrial Applications

Industrial is a very broad sector that includes a huge range of applications and business areas that have greatly differing requirements. Our Group is able to meet these requirements thanks to many years’ experience and the combination of various areas of expertise, including advanced technology and providing certified quality.

Mobile Applications

The mobile machinery sector includes all components and solutions to create non-road vehicles, heavy machinery, self-propelled, towed or pulled machines, primarily for use in the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, trenches, buildings and land reclamation.

This equipment offers customers a reliable, robust and durable solution capable of performing extremely challenging tasks.


Performance - Speed - Accuracy - Capacity - Long Life Reliability - Robustness - Ease of Use are all well known features  for Hydreco Hydraulics pumps and motors even in the harshest of environments.

Hydreco Controls includes pedals, pilot valves, handles, CAN-bus controls, cab controls and much more...

Responsiveness, Accuracy, Reliability and Robustness are all design features of the range of Hydreco Hydraulic valves which will continue to perform as specified in the most challenging arenas.

With a comprehensive range of PTOs for most vehicle transmissions, the Powauto solution will be your partner for any application.

This product range include several models for both under body and front of body tipper truck and trailer applications

Additional components for your application


The Hydreco Group offers a range of products for agricultural machinery composed of hydraulic cylinders, gear pumps, control valves, joysticks and machine control systems, offering customers the optio...
The Hydreco Group is specialised in components for machinery in the building and construction sector.The requirements to be guaranteed for this type of machinery are very specific and highly import...
Rail transport is evolving towards ever-greater speeds. To support this, lines have to constantly be in a perfect state of maintenance, with automation systems capable of meeting the most demanding sa...
Material handling involves all transport, storage, checking and protection of materials that occur during standard manufacturing and/or distribution processes.
Marine applications are understood as all elements aimed at the proper functioning of devices installed on board a ship, from those operating above deck (controlling cargo doors and hatches, embarkati...
The term mining refers to the process of extracting precious minerals or other geological materials from the ground, normally from a mineral deposit.The range of machinery allowing extraction of these...
The earth-moving sector is crucial for construction, both of buildings and infrastructure.The Hydreco Group is specialised in components and creation of solutions for earth-moving machinery, used i...
The Hydreco Group produces components for machines used by public authorities in the management and maintenance of public space.
From the upstream side of on-shore and off-shore extraction facilities, through to midstream applications in process valves and compressors, and finally downstream in refineries, Duplomatic supports t...
The Hydreco Group offers a comprehensive range for the construction of machines used for forestry: gear pumps, control valves, joysticks and machines control systems.The Hydreco Group products offer c...
The Hydreco Group is specialized in components for vehicles in the transport sector.  The requirements to be guaranteed for this type of vehicle are very specific and highly important.


Reliable, robust and durable components and solutions capable of performing extremely challenging tasks

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