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Drilling machines

Drilling machines

Drilling machines are equipped with numerous elements making them complex tools. Drilling machines can be used to create holes of varying diameter for foundation piles, coring, and piping for the extraction of liquids.

Drilling machines are composed of a tracked diesel motor vehicle and a sliding unit referred to as the mast.

The mast is equipped with a rotating head (drilling head), that transmits the motion to the drilling rod and to two clamps, at the base of the mast, that maintain the position of the rod during drilling.

Drilling machines can move from one point to another, but they must be stabilised during drilling.

Creation of holes is generally achieved simply via rotation or hammering (rotary hammer).


  • High-pressure, up to 350 bar
  • Precision proportional control
  • Customised solutions for compact designs
  • Reduced weight
  • Control electronics specially designed for the products
  • Remote control via radio signal
  • Integrated safety and TÜV-certified products
  • Energy efficiency, to reduce emissions and fuel consumption of vehicles with combustion engines
  • Customized solutions to reduce cylinder size 
  • High strength materials to reduce barrel thickness / Certified weldings
  • Low friction sealings with high reliability for extreme working conditions


  • Complete control: motion of arm, drilling head and stabilization
  • Heavy-duty gear pumps in cast iron
  • Cylinders to customer specifications for demanding applications
  • Customised valves and hydraulic manifolds
  • Cylinders for must movement
  • Pull-Down cylinders
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Drilling machines

Robust build, speed, reliability and ease of use are all guaranteed by the quality of the pumps, primary control valves, remote-control valves and joysticks produced by the Duplomatic Group and popular with manufacturers of machinery for the building industry.

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