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Earth moving

Earth moving

The earth-moving sector is crucial for construction, both of buildings and infrastructure.

The Hydreco Group is specialised in components and creation of solutions for earth-moving machinery, used in a wide range of applications, including digging, land clearance and land maintenance.

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Graders are earth-moving machines capable of digging, moving and levelling. They are commonly used for clearing and uncovering land,...

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Backhoe loaders

Backhoe loaders are earth-moving machines used for digging, filling and movement of material. They are different from other machines...

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Bulldozers are very powerful tracked vehicles used primarily in the construction industry, above all to flatten and level ground. Their...

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Wheeled loaders

Wheeled loaders are very powerful earth-moving vehicles, capable of moving large quantities of material using buckets with a high volume...

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Skid steer loaders

Compact loaders are motorised earth-moving vehicles, with a rigid frame and lifting arms to which different tools can be connected for a...

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Diggers are earth-moving machines used where excavation is required with simultaneous removal of the material generated. Diggers are...

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Earth moving

Robust build, speed, reliability and ease of use are all guaranteed by the quality of the pumps, primary control valves, remote-control valves and joysticks produced by the Duplomatic Group and popular with manufacturers of machinery for the building industry.

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